The best tips for playing poker

Tips from the professionals of poker are great. These tips make perfect sense and you know that they work otherwise these guys wouldn’t be at the top of the game. We’ve selected a few, from a number of the Pro’s on the poker circuit, which will give you the best all-round advice. If you only remember a couple of things make sure it's our best poker tips, designed to give you an advantage in any type of Texas Hold'em game.

10 poker tips…

Our tips will help you develop your game, but nothing can compensate for experience. Any sportsman will tell you "the harder you train, the luckier you get" and this is especially true of poker - putting the hours in at the table will ultimately give you the edge.

o Know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em!
o Pump or Dump – if it’s not good enough to raise, it’s not good enough to play.
o Play opponents you can beat – play lower value tables at the beginning.
o Don’t assume you know more than your opponents.
o Mix up your play – rigid styles will only give opponents an edge.
o Pay attention at the table – even when you fold.
o Don’t bluff in loose games – you’re likely to get called.
o Listen to your gut instinct! - You'll be right most of the time.
o Leave the beer in the fridge – dulling your senses = poor play.
o Have fun – it’s a game, enjoy it!


Playing a big poker hand

When a monster big poker hand flops your way it's important to maximize it's potential. The following pocket cards and flops are some of the biggest hands you can get playing Texas Hold'em and in nearly all circumstances should be bet and raised after the flop.

It is unlikely you are beat holding any of these hands, but it's not impossible! You still have the 'turn' and 'river' to go, remember 'Fors juvat audentes' or 'Fortune favors the brave' - so believe in your hand, take a deep breath and go for it.

Depending on the table your playing at (has it got aggressive or passive players on it?) or stakes you're play for (you tend to get more callers on very low limit games) you might not get any callers if your bet is too big, only raise the amount you think someone will call. When holding a monster hand you want as many people in the pot as possible.

With big hands also consider the possibility of 'slow playing' the art of setting a trap for other players to walk into. Slow playing hands can be dangerous, effectively you're letting other players see cards cheaply or for free. By just checking or calling you are hoping to signal to the other players that your hand is weaker than it really is, and they are hoping their hand improves on the 'turn' or 'river' which it might actually do!. Performed successfully the 'slow play' can land you a big pot. Typically you should wait until the last card has turned (the river card) then spring the trap with a very large bet! The other player may of caught a low pair on the turn or river and calls your large bet thinking you are bluffing with a weaker hand.

Find tables with weak players and exploit your advantage. Now a word of warning: If you can't figure out the weakest player at the table - then it's probably you.